Why is there a filter pocket and no filter?

You can place a filter in the filter pocket insert of the mask. Filters can be purchased or made by cutting up layers of non-woven material like shop towels or dried out wet wipes. While we can’t assure you that these will prevent against COVID-19, they do serve some protection. 

Can I buy N95 filters for this mask?

Yes, you can buy N95 filters and place them inside your reusable cloth mask.

What is the back elastic strap for?

It is to relieve pressure on the back of the ear. Most common masks use elastic earloops while this one has an intuitive elastic back strap which saves your ears after long extended usage. The strap can also be used to securely hang the mask around your neck so when you remove the mask to eat or drink, you don’t have to worry about it falling off. 

What is the fabric made from?

The fabric is made from 60/40 Organic Cotton & Polyester blended fabric. The cotton-poly blend helps the mask retain is shape wash after wash. The blend also help keep the color looking brilliant after many washes.

How many times can I wear the mask?

As long as your wash it in the right detergents or boil it in water for 15 minutes, you should be able to wear the mask over and over again after it is dry. 

Why does the mask look bigger than other masks?

This specific mask is designed to keep you from touching your face. When there is less of your face exposed, you are less likely to touch it.