We are a leading company in the Philippines with manufacturing, wholesale, retail and information technology divisions. The company holds the sole license to the JOCKEY brand in the Philippines. We are best known for our quality and speed-to-market techniques.

We use a vertically integrated business model which minimizes the use of sub-contractors and offshore labor. Knitting, weaving, cutting, sewing, packaging, distribution, logistics, IT, marketing, and design all happen within the facilities.

GTVL Manufacturing Industries Inc., is a privately held company.

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Company History

A “Brief” History

GTVL Manufacturing Industries originally started as a wholesale and import business in 1925 by another name V. Lilaram & Company in Angeles, Pampanga was the starting point in the family of Genomal’s. In 1937, the establishment was converted into a partnership.

The main business that time was to import large quantities of garments from neighboring countries and sell them in the Philippines. In 1958 the company was given the sole licensee of producing and selling “Jockey” brand men’s wear for the Philippines from Jockey International, Wisconsin, USA. In 1979, the company officially became a corporation with the name V. Lilaram Development Corporation.

Mr. Genomal Topandas Verhomal was the largest shareholder in the company. In 1987, the next generation decided to honor the late Genomal Senior and formed a new company which is known today as GTVL Manufacturing Industries Inc, GTVL stands for Genomal, Topandas, Verhomal, and Lilaram).

In 1995, next generation siblings expand outside the Philippines to the Indian sub-continent with the Jockey brand. In 2006, 3rd generation expands the companies reach into nationwide mono-branded retail stores

Presently, the company makes strides into the digital age with e-commerce and information technology.


GTVL has incorporated manufacturing, distribution, Cutting edge technology and retail into a seamless running business. All steps of this process are run from within a single campus, our vertically integrated business model allows for flexibility and faster turnaround times.

PPE Solutions

Personal Protective Equipment – as the country battles COVID-19, the company adds personal masks into its production lines to help the nations requirements for personal protection against airborne hazards.


RFID Solutions

The company uses cutting edge technology combined with in house software developers to form a superior inventory management solution for retail and concession business.

RFID Inventory Management Philippines.png

Retail reach

Our network comprises of more than 300 doors including major store groups and independent outlets in the Philippines.

Jockey Ermita Mall
Jockey Festival Mall

Print & Pack

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 10.01.53 PM

The company prints its own packaging to manage quality and speed to market. This enables new products based on the most recent trends to get to shelves in just weeks rather than months.

Cutting Facility

IMG_8860.jpgEquipped with cutting machines, band knife machine and end cutting machines. Each and every cut panel is 100% tagged to prevent shade differentiation.

Sewing Facility

Using the latest JUKI, SIRUBA, TAJIMA, PEGASUS machines with updated energy saving attachments. The company is able to maintain speed and quality through well trained and experienced operators.

Jacquard Elastic Weaving Facility


Using high speed looms the company produces top quality elastic webbing tape or or garter for our products.

Knitting Facility

We operate our own knitting facility in an effort to streamline the supply chain, increase our product offerings, and lower costs by reducing reliance on subcontractors.

Knitting Machines

Vision | Mission

GTVL has always considered business strategy formulation in line with basic values and in coherence with the environmental concerns. The company aim has been to innovate its offering so as to provide the best value for its ultimate customers. GTVL regards customers to be the most important part of the chain. The company has a constant objective to gain competitive advantage from the superior quality of its products.


The company’s vision statement sees it as being “a premier company in manufacturing, marketing, distribution of quality products and solutions for the Philippine market” it also recognizes towards its entire stakeholder including customers and employees.


  1. To provide its valued customers the highest quality and right priced products which shall guarantee consumers satisfaction.
  2. To provide acceptable profits, allowing  for increase market share through healthy growth and expansion over the long term.
  3. To uphold high standard of business ethics through relationships with its valued customers, suppliers and bankers.