Vision | Mission

GTVL has always considered business strategy formulation in line with basic values and in coherence with the environmental concerns. The company aim has been to innovate its offering so as to provide the best value for its ultimate customers. GTVL regards customers to be the most important part of the chain. The company has a constant objective to gain competitive advantage from the superior quality of its products.


The company’s vision statement sees it as being “a premier company in manufacturing, marketing, distribution of quality products and solutions for the Philippine market” it also recognizes towards its entire stakeholder including customers and employees.


  1. To provide its valued customers the highest quality and right priced products which shall guarantee consumers satisfaction.
  2. To provide acceptable profits, allowing  for increase market share through healthy growth and expansion over the long term.
  3. To uphold high standard of business ethics through relationships with its valued customers, suppliers and bankers.