GTVL has incorporated manufacturing, distribution, Cutting edge technology and retail into a seamless running business. All steps of this process are run from within a single campus, our vertically integrated business model allows for flexibility and faster turnaround times.

RFID Solutions

The company uses cutting edge technology combined with in house software developers to form a superior inventory management solution for any business running consignment or concession type of businesses.

RFID Inventory Management Philippines.png

Retail reach

Our network comprises of more than 300 doors including major store groups and independent outlets in the Philippines.



We have state of the art CAD Designing & Marking software, sample cutter, digitizer & plotter, which helps us achieve precise pattern making, grading and consumption management.

Cutting Facility

We have lay cutting tables, Eastman straight knife cutting machines, band knife machine and end cutting machines. Each and every cut panel is 100% tagged to prevent shade differentiation.

Sewing Facility

Using only the latest machines with updated attachments and with a plant capacity upwards of 500,000 pieces per month.

Jacquard Elastic Weaving Facility

Using the best machines from Taiwan, we are able to produce top quality elastic tape or bands for our products.

Knitting Facility

We operate our own knitting facility in an effort to streamline the supply chain, increase our product offerings, and lower costs by reducing reliance on subcontractors.

Knitting Machines