Corporate Social Responsibility

At GTVL we always have a soft spot for children, especially underprivileged children. As early as 2006, GTVL has worked hand in hand with the Chummy Chum Foundation on its mission of putting a smile on every underprivileged Child.

From the Cummychum website:

Chummy Chum represents charity of love… Charity that is profound and discreet. Chummy lives for the happiness of all children, but especially the under-privileged who deserve to be loved and treated specially. Chummy provides special love and attention to children who are terminally ill.

Unlike other cartoon characters created for fun, Chummy Chum has directed his efforts towards the forgotten children. To bring them joy, to make them smile, and to touch their hearts.

“CHARITY OF LOVE” – Humbly giving Love freely and unselfishly to those who need to be cuddled, pampered, listened to, and noticed, regardless of race or creed.

Chummy’s humble efforts are concentrated on under-privileged children and God’s special little ones who are sick or have been inflicted with terminal and rare ailments with little or no chance of survival. In their last moments, Chummy Chum will be with them to bring cheerfulness and joy.

Chummy Chum, is a cute, funny looking character and resembles a baby dinosaur. His purple color represents the highest level of spiritual awareness. His apple-green toddler shorts represents a child’s innocence and un-corrupted thoughts. His red and white striped t-shirt is a cheerful manifestation of his happy character and loving purpose.

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